The chosen of Kos


Player: James

Class: The Voidtouched

Drive: Incubus

Patron: Lifegiver

Level: 1
XP: 5

Armour: 0
HP: 21
Damage: d4

Strength: 8
STR: -1

Dexterity: 9
DEX: 0

Constitution: 15
CON: +1

Intelligence: 12
INT: 0

Wisdom: 13
WIS: +1

Charisma: 16
CHA: +2

Honor: 17
Fame: 3


Micolash has an appearance that is tainted by the work of his god, Kos. His bodies dimensions are unnaturally perfect and he has wild eyes. Covering his entire body are pulsing tattoos, erupting with energy constantly. He usually wears nothing on his top half, choosing just to wear a hooded cloak, which he can throw open to reveal his tattoos before channeling the power of Kos to sprout tentacles from them.

Micolash grew up in an unnamed village on the Isle of Lastlight. Him and his people all led peaceful lives, not complicated by the more civilized life of the mainland. They just existed, and that was good enough for them. That is, until IT washed up.

One day whilst combing the beaches for things that might have washed ashore, Micolash found something he had never seen before. An incredibly long sea creature of some sort. He had never seen anything even close to it. Bigger than any except the whales he had seen out at sea. It’s body was thin, it’s flesh pale and sprouting out of it’s top half were almost human-like arms. From it’s mouth came multiple long tentacles that stretched out across the beach.

Micolash approached the creature and reached out to touch it. It’s flesh was slimy and wet. As he made contact with it, a much smaller creature crawled out of it’s flesh and climbed onto Micolashs hand. He pulled his hand closer to his face to get a closer look at the small creature. As he did so, it leaped off of his hand onto his face. Micolash panicked but there was nothing he could do. The small creature burrowed into his face and embedded itself into his brain.

Micolash went into a coma like state there on the beach. During his sleep he received a vision and was spoken to by the Great Old One known as Kos. He saw Kos. He saw the truth of Kos. He saw the truth of life itself. He knew what Kos wanted of him. He knew how to achieve it.

When he awoke and returned to the village he found that the other members of the village had also been infested by the parasites of Kos. But he could sense that they were not touched in the same way as he was. Kos had not favored them. The people had brought the creature from the beach ashore and built a temple to it. They dedicated their entire lives to worshiping the creature and Kos himself.

But Kos had a much greater job in mind for Micolash. He would never be satisfied with one village worshiping him so Micolash built himself a raft and sailed to the mainland. Setting off on a journey to spread the message of Kos and to help the whole world see what he had seen. That Kos is the truth.

During this time Kos told him about another person he must seek out. This person turned out to be the hedge knight Arnold Byrgenwerth. Kos granted his power to Arnold as well, but in a different way to Micolash. From that point on the two traveled together spreading the message of Kos wherever they went.

Eventually their travels led them to the Shattered Empire, where they were offered a position as part of Rowenas elite. Helped to rebuild her Empire. Seeing this as the perfect opportunity to travel between the towns and cities of the Shattered Empire spreading the word of Kos, Micolash agreed.


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