The fallen child


Player: Preston

Class: Assassin

Drive: Riches

Background: Fanatic

Level: 1
XP: 0

Armour: 0
HP: 23
Damage: d8

Strength: 12
STR: 0

Dexterity: 16
DEX: +2

Constitution: 15
CON: +1

Intelligence: 13
INT: +1

Wisdom: 9
WIS: 0

Charisma: 8
CHA: -1

Honor: 9
Fame: 0


Kylar is an rather average looking guy. He is average sized, with a skinny but athletic body. He usually wears a hooded cloak to mostly hide his face. All of these features make him very hard to make out in a crowd and make him difficult to recognize. Perfect for an assassin such as him.

Kylar was born in the city of Carklakos however he never knew his parents. His father left before he was born, and his mother died at a very young age. He grew up on the streets as an orphan. There are a lot of orphans in the cities of the Westlands, and these children stick together and look out for each other. He got in with a gang of them. They taught him how to steal food and other things he needed from the richer folks in the city, and they taught him how to defend himself should he ever need to, a skill he picked up exceptionally quickly.

The lord of Carklakos, the head of house Bleakfall had a son of similar age to Kylar. This kid used to lord it over the orphans. If he saw any as he was walking down the street he would spit at them, or on his worse days he would kick them or throw stones at them. A nasty little shit. One day he kicked one of the orphans to death, right in the street. People would walk by, pretending they couldn’t see it. His father just told him to hurry it up. Nobody stopped him. Not even when it was too late. The body of that orphan was left in the street for three days because nobody bothered to move it.

Kylar was already enraged at this behavior anyway, it disgusted him, but then after this incident a group of the other orphans came up to him. They had saved up all they could since the incident, the whole lot of them, saving every single thing they got every day, and they gave it all to him. It amounted to one gold. Not even enough to buy a room for a night in a decent tavern. But it showed how much this meant to the orphans. This was everything they had in the world. What they asked in return? For Kylar to rid the streets of the Lord’s son for good. He was always the most skilled of the orphans. Kylar accepted.

The next night he approached the Lord’s manor. He sneaked his way past the guards on the outer perimeter then proceeded to scale the wall, using rope he had stolen from a local shop. He found the kids window and prized it open with a piece of sharp metal he found outside the blacksmiths. Once inside he crept over to the kids bed. Standing there he looked down on the kid. He realized that there was nothing that made this kid special. He wasn’t bigger than them. He wasn’t stronger than them. He wasn’t more talented than them. And he could certainly die like them. Like the orphan he had killed. Kylar plunged the sharp metal he had used to open the window into the kids throat. The kid tried to scream but couldn’t make a sound except a pained wheeze.

The next day, when the Lord found his son dead the city went into a lockdown state. The lord was enraged. Random citizens were getting beaten and tortured for made up crimes against him and his family. A hand grabbed Kylar’s shoulder and pulled him into an alley. A tall man looked him in his eyes, and Kylar looked back into his. He had no chance, the rest of his face was concealed by a scarf and a hood. The man told him to come with him if he didn’t want to die.

The man took Kylar and fled the city, sneaking past any guards they encountered on their way out and avoiding the ones patrolling the streets. Once outside and safe he explained that he had seen Kylar climbing the walls of the manor. He knew it was him who did it. He took him out of the city to save his life. If he had seen him do it, someone else might have as well. He taught Kylar that the most important thing if you want to kill another person, is to make yourself unrecognizable. The man was an assassin and he took Kylar under his wing and taught him everything he knew, seeing the potential Kylar had.

After years in training, Kylar’s master was killed off by a rival assassin. So Kylar had to make his own way in the world. He sold his services as an assassin. Eventually becoming renowned enough that he didn’t have to seek out contracts, he could just put the word out that he needed a new job and the contracts would flood in. During that time he encountered a number of the people he now works alongside. Micolash once hired him and used his services. He was once hired to kill Bruce, but the hit was called off before he completed it. Finally he met Shank, who killed someone that he too had been hired to kill, a slight he has not forgotten.

His skills eventually got him the attention of Queen Rowena who has hired him as one of her elite to help rebuild her Empire.


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