Bruce Armstrong

The manliest gentleman


Player: Stella

Class: Paladin

Race: Human

Alignment: Good

Level: 1
XP: 6

Armour: 3
HP: 23
Damage: d10

Strength: 15
STR: +1

Dexterity: 12
DEX: 0

Constitution: 13
CON: +1

Intelligence: 9
INT: 0

Wisdom: 8
WIS: -1

Charisma: 16
CHA: +2

Honor: 17
Fame: 3


Bruce Armstrong is a short, heavily chiseled Paladin. Easily identifiable by his large mustache and the badge he proudly bears on the front of his cloak showing his allegiance to -.

Bruce was born and grew up in the Dwarven city of Horhetveit. Both of his parents were humans but he grew up as a product of his environment. Even his body ended up short and stunted, as if nature itself deemed him a dwarf. The nature of labor in Dwarven cities carved his body into the muscled for it has now, and the nature of Dwarven society shaped his character. He took on their outgoing, masculine nature and made it his own. As he grew older he became engrossed by the teachings of the priests of - and decided to set out into the world and share his beliefs with others and make his lord proud.

Now he finds himself as a part of Rowena’s Elite in the Shattered Empire. On a mission to rebuild the Empire and restore it’s former glory. In this group he finds himself fighting alongside Arnold Byrgenwerth. An old friend he made back in his adventuring days, he once fought alongside Arnold when Arnold was a hedgeknight. However Arnold seems to have changed since then, and he is not the man Bruce once knew. Bruce believes him to have been corrupted by Micolash, another member of the group, and his false god. Hopefully he can save both of them and show them the light, as their behavior endangers their very soul.

Bruce Armstrong

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