Arnold Byrgenwerth

The hedge knight


Player: Zach

Class: Unholy Warrior

Race: Human

Alignment: Chaotic

Level: 1
XP: 0

Armour: 4
HP: 24
Damage: d10

Strength: 15
STR: +1

Dexterity: 8
DEX: -1

Constitution: 9
CON: 0

Intelligence: 12
INT: 0

Wisdom: 16
WIS: +2

Charisma: 13
CHA: +1

Honor: 7
Fame: 0


Arnold is a tall man, his body concealed by the blackened cursed armor he wears. Across his back is an enormous great-sword. On his face are many eyes, separated into two clusters, resemble the eyes of an insect.

He wasn’t always like this however. He was born and raised in the free city of Walbyth. He was born into a merchant family. They were one of the more powerful families in Walbyth, running a large mining business, digging into the Blades of Kellen for ores and minerals. However Arnold wasn’t born into the main line of the family, the man who ran the family business was his uncle, so he was never going to get much power or inheritance in the business. His Father did manage to talk his uncle into agreeing to something though. Arnold would squire for his cousin Aethelwulf as soon as he turned 12. Aethelwulf despised the idea, but he had no choice as his father agreed to it.

This never came to be however, as Aethelwulf’s father Harold died before Arnold reached the age of 12, so the business was inherited by Aethelwulf. When Arnold reached the age of 12, him and his father approached Aethelwulf and asked him to honor his father’s promise, and allow Arnold to squire for him. Aethelwulf laughed in their face and declined. Arnold’s father kept pressing, so Aethelwulf agreed to something. He would allow Arnold to squire…but only if he could beat him in a sparring match using tournament swords. Arnold agreed to those terms, and the duel commenced.

Arnold had no chance. He was born a scrawny man. Known for his intellect, not his strength, and been only 12 he hadn’t had any chance to develop skill with a blade. Aethelwulf humiliated him. Toying with him as the whole family watched. Dragging the duel out just to humiliate him further. When the duel was over, Aethelwulf was unscathed, Arnold hadn’t even got a single hit in. Aethelwulf stood laughing over Arnold’s beaten body.

The next day Arnold left his home. With shame overwhelming him, he couldn’t face to be part of his families business anymore. He was a disgrace in their eyes. How could he face them after that? So he left and joined the city guard. Only they would take in someone who was as big a disgrace as him.

The city watch turned out to be a blessing in disguise though. During his time in it he had access to a sword at all times, and Wylbeth was an extremely quite place, relatively free from crime. This meant that Arnold could practice, and practice, and practice. With his intelligence he was a quick learner, and within just a few years, his skill with a blade more than made up for what he lacked in physical strength. Sparring with other members of the city guard, he could beat people significantly bigger than him, must to their despair.

Eventually he felt that he had learnt all he could in the city guard, so he asked to squire for a hedge knight he met. Seeing his skill, the hedge knight had no choice but to agree. The hedge knight was an older man, but one with a good reputation in the Westlands. He had served various noble families in the region, and had treated each equally and served to the best of ability in every role he was given. During his time with him Arnold learnt a lot. He learnt how to be honourable and how to serve. How to treat people with dignity and respect. How to survive on the road. He was already good with a sword, but now he was a good person as well.

Eventually the hedge knight passed away. He was old when Arnold joined him, and didn’t last many years after that. Luckily for Arnold though, he decided to knight Arnold before he went. So Arnold was now a fully fledged knight himself. He took his sigil to be a Tower, black on white, rising from blue waters.

As a hedge knight, he roamed the Westlands, serving where he could. Despite his lack of individual reputation, he managed to get a lot of work due to the old hedge knights name and been knighted by him. He served like this for a few years, roaming the world. However one day, a mission went badly. An opponent managed to get a lucky hit in and slashed him across the face, scraping across his eyes. Blood covered Arnold’s face, but he still had his vision, however disrupted it was, and managed to win the fight and complete the mission.

Over the next few days, his wound complicated. An infection in it caused it to not only not heal properly, but caused him to start losing his vision. As he wondered the roads, almost blind, a robed man appeared before him. The man promised he could help him, if he came with him. For some reason, Arnold felt he could trust this man, a voice in his head told him to go along with him.

The man took Arnold into his care and treated him as well as he could, but his vision was just getting worse and worse, that is until another man showed up. This man looked different to the first man, there was something…special about him. His whole body was covered in blue tattoos, glowing with some unnatural energy. The man approached Arnold, yet for some reason Arnold felt completely calm, once again he had that feeling of trust.

The man placed a hand upon Arnold and within seconds Arnold’s sight had returned to him. Not only that, but it was superior, he could see better than ever before. His peripheral vision was enhanced and everything looked so clear. Over the next few days Arnold spoke with this man. The man explained to him that his god, Kos, gave him the power to restore his sight. He told Arnold that the god had spoken to him, and he thought back to when he heard a voice telling him to go with the robed man. Over these days Arnold had strange dreams every night, dreaming of empty darkness, filled with eyes, and tentacles reaching out at him. He noticed his body change, just over the course of a few days, he grew, both in size and strength.

Once his healing was complete, and his body had transformed, he agreed to travel with this man and embrace Kos. He decided to change his name. He dropped the family name of Byrgen and adopted the name Byrgenwerth, because contrary to what his family thought of him, he was worthy of house Byrgen. He finally gave his sword a name as well. He called it ‘The Englightener’ as he hoped to use it to enlighten others to Kos, as he himself had been.

Him and the strange man, whom turned out to be called Micolash, set out into the world. Kos had spoken to them both. They were to head to the Shattered Empire, there the Queen would take them into her service, and they would help her to reunite the Empire, converting the populace as they went. It was a perfect opportunity to spread the glory of Kos.

Arnold Byrgenwerth

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