Zarachiel Kaufman

Head of the Shattered Empire's army


Zarachial Kaufman is the last great war hero alive in the Shattered Empire. He earned his reputation back when it was the Helvan Empire, as the head of their army. When the Troglodyte armies rose from the water and attacked the empire, it was he who lead the charge. When the Gog who lead the Troglodytes showed himself, it was Zarachial who defeated him. He returned home to a hero’s welcome.

That was the last major conflict he was a part of. Most of his later life has been spent training Rowena after the death of her parents. He watched her grow from a young frightened child into a strong women and a true Queen. Now he leads her armies like he led her Mother and Father’s before her. He is not as able in combat as he used to be due to his age, but he still has his wisdom and his ability to lead men.

Zarachiel Kaufman

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