Shank Farley

The ghost of Mistwall


Player: Carla

Class: Ninja

Race: Human

Alignment: Good

Level: 1
XP: 0

Armour: 1
HP: 19
Damage: d8

Strength: 12
STR: 0

Dexterity: 16
DEX: +2

Constitution: 13
CON: +1

Intelligence: 9
INT: 0

Wisdom: 15
WIS: +1

Charisma: 8
CHA: -1

Honor: 9
Fame: 0


It is hard to tell anything of Shank’s appearance as they constantly shroud themselves with a dark ninja outfit and a hood covering their head. Most of the time, only their eyes are visible. The only thing’s that can be stated about their appearance as a certainty are that their eyes always seem totally focused on whatever they are looking at, and that their body is extremely athletic.

She was born in the city of Silverfoot, but was orphaned at a young age. As the cities traditions dictate, all orphans are sent to the monastery of Mistwall, high in the mountains above the city. The monks there took in Shank and trained her in their ways. From a young age they saw her skill in martial arts and decided to induct her into the ranks of their secretive Ninja order.

The next few years were filled with day after day of endless training. Waking up at dawn to go on a run through the mountain paths. Punching buckets of sand and water to toughen her hands. Sparring with the various weapons used by the Ninjas. Meditation to strengthen her mind. However, her ultimate test came at the age of 15.

Even after been inducted into the Ninja order, one must undergo a final test after their training, to prove they are truly worthy of joining. Failure results in death, to keep the orders secrets. Shank was taken out to a cave in a remote part of the Yris Stronghold mountains. There she was told to survive for a month. She was given no food. No water. No tools. She would have to fend entirely for herself.

That month was the hardest of her life. Every night she could hear the wolves howling. Sometimes she could see their cold eyes stalking through the blackness outside the cave. Scared to sleep in case they ventured into the cave and found her. Having to find mountain springs for water, or melt down the mountain snow in dire situations. Having to hunt snow hares before some of the mountains predators could get them. Eating whatever berries she could find, a rarity up on the mountains.

She lost track of time. The days slipped into one another. She could feel her mind slipping. The lack of food. The exhaustion. The lack of sleep. It was starting to get to her. The human body and mind can only take so much before it breaks. Just as she felt herself reaching breaking point one of the monks appeared at the entrance to the cave. She has never felt more relieved before or since that moment.

Upon her return, her mission was deemed a success and she became a full fledged Ninja. She put her habit to the side and was given a keikogi to replace it. For the rest of her days at the monastery she acted out her role as a Ninja to the best of her abilities. During this time, she had her first run ins with some of the people she now travels along side. She met Arnold when one of her assassination attempts backfired. The man she was supposed to assassinate had survived her blade and was about to attack her, when Arnold stabbed him in the back, saving her life. She never told the monastery what truly happened. Instead saying the mission was a success. She also met Bellax, although not in ideal circumstances. She had been hired to assassinate one of his family members, and this assassination went as planned.

Eventually she climbed the ranks to become the highest ranked ninja in Mistwall, and earned the title of ‘ghost’. As the monastery bestowed the title upon her, they revealed they had a special job her, one that they could trust only her with. She was to join Queen Rowena’s elite forces, and help her to reform the Shattered Empire.

Shank Farley

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