Rowena Benedikta Helvan

The leader of the Shattered Empire


Rowena grew up as an unnamed orphan in the Coldflood orphanage. Despite the shared circumstances there, she was still a black sheep. Bullied by the other orphans for her unusual size. One day, the royal family of the Helvan Empire, King Wilfred and Queen Petronela, paid a visit to the orphanage to show it their support. During their visit a young girl caught their eye. Whilst all the other orphans crowded around the King and Queen, she sat alone in the corner, tears falling from her eyes. The King and Queen, still not having a child of their own at this point, decided that the girl needed their help and so they adopted her.

Moving into the royal castle the young orphan was given the name Rowena Benedikta Helvan. She grew up with all the benefits of been a royal child. Maids and butlers to attend to her every wim, all the food she could eat, the nicest clothes, the softest bed. A marked difference from her life as an orphan.

Things went downhill for young Rowena five years after her adoption. On her 11th birthday her adoptive mother, the queen, made a surprise announcement, that she was pregnant and soon Rowena would have a new brother or sister to play with and look after. News spread fast of this announcement. Including to the other nations. When the Empire of Carn heard of Queen Petronela’s pregnancy they hired an assassin to hunt her down. The assassins did their job, and they did the Empire of Carn a favor and assassinated the King as well.

The death of the royal family was a disaster for the Helvan Empire. Their only child was Rowena, who was adopted, and still a child. That was not someone a nation could rally behind during times of trouble. So the Empire fractured. Places started to one by one seek independence and break away from the rule of the royal family. Eventually Coldflood and the royal family had nobody left. No taxes. The city and the castle fell into disrepair. People fled the city to move to other, nicer places. Rowena grew bitter.

Rowena made a vow to avenge her parents. They had done her a kindness she could never repay and that most could not understand. They raised her from having no name, no parents, no life to been a member of a royal family. She would get revenge on those who harmed them. So she shut herself away in her castle with only the war hero Zarachial Kaufman to keep her company. She changed from learning poetry and reading, to learning how to fight and how to lead.

Now, 20 years later Rowena feels she is ready. She has emerged from her castle and has rallied together her Mother and Father’s elite soldiers and has set out to reunite the Shattered Empire. To put her families legacy back in place. And to finally seek revenge on the Empire of Carn for the crimes they committed.

Rowena Benedikta Helvan

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