Dillon Raines

The head-scout for the Shattered Empire


Dillon Raines is an unusual man. Raised from a young age by the elves of the Ashpines, he doesn’t exactly fit in with normal society in the Shattered Empire. As such he tends to stay alone most of the time, and stick to the trees which he is comfortable with.

He began working for Rowena after been recommended to her by Ximun Gael, the grand wizard. How Ximun knew about Dillon and why he recommended him to Rowena is unknown. However, Rowena trusted Ximun’s judgement and appointed Dillon as the head scout for her army. Dillon has since proved invaluable. His time spent with the elves has given him amazing talent at tracking, moving quickly, and moving silently.

Dillon also has a pet Eagle who he seems to have an unusual connection with. He can seemingly communicate with the creature, and after sending it off to scout a location, he can accurately report what is there, without going there himself.

Although young Dillon realizes the importance of his role within Rowena’s army, and realizes what he stands to gain if he does a good job. He also hates the judgement and mucky looks he receives from some of the other members of her staff. As such he fulfills his role to the best of his ability.

Dillon Raines

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